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SSISS Web Application

C#, JavaScript, JQuery, HTML, CSS, LESS, Visual Studio 2017

This service allows hospitals to record incidents of infection after surgery, track patient results and review or change practice to avoid further infections.

Emotive Digital Agency

Design and Development of their public facing website using Wordpress as well as the usual frontend cache of tools such as JS, JQuery, CSS, HTML/5 etc.

A sporting news / information blog developed in Wordpress.

Sky (Skygo) Platform

UI / UX Design and then into the development of the Skygo Platform for Sky TV using AngularJS and NodeJS.

From scratch, design & development of a fashion e-commerce wordpress site.

Wordpress E-commerce design and development.


One of the hobbies... What you're looking at in the background is a frozen lake in Reyklavik, Iceland.  The wind blows up the shards.  Nice natural effect!

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