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Public Health England

Surgical site infection 
surveillance service (SSISS)

AngularJS, C#, JavaScript, CSS/3 HTML/5, Bootstrap responsive.
Development of an application for use within hospitals to monitor post surgery
infection rates.

The Project

Design and Develop a webapp for hospitals to monitor post surgery infection rates.

A modular approach

Public Health England have developed an application which is used in hospitals to track post surgery infections.

This is the application that I was to work on. There were multiple requirements for this role. I had to completely redesign the web app which hadn’t seen a revamp in over 7 years. I had to ensure that the new release was going to be responsive and mobile ready. Also replacing a lot of the custom UI for Bootstrap UI.

The development environment was .net

Skill Set: C#, HTML/5, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS/CSS3, Media Queries (Responsive), SASS, UX Design / Journey definition, GitHub, .Net Core, Bootstrap, TeamServer, Visual Studio 2017





JavaScript / JQuery





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